Legal issues

Focus on international law and various aspects of the function (labour law, banking law, real estate law, criminal law, etc.

Technology Law: A Constantly Evolving Field

Technology law has existed for more than a century, but has had to adjust to each new time period in history. Until the appearance of information technology, it was not considered a wholly separate field. During this past quarter century, however, the increasing pace and influence of technological innovation on our society have forced lawyers to […]

Tax Law Overview

TAX LAW BASICS The Canada Revenue Agency is the body in charge of administering Federal income tax laws and of collecting income taxes. The Income Tax Act (Canada) is the core of the Canadian tax system. Every year, it is subject to amendments, including at the time of the presentation of the budget by the Minister of […]

Labour Law

LABOUR LAW SECTOR OVERVIEW “. . . there is a long tradition in Canada of labour legislation and policy designed for the promotion of the common well-being through the encouragement of free collective bargaining and the constructive settlements of disputes.” So states the preambule to the Canadian Labour Code that regulates the working conditions and […]

Real Estate Law

REAL ESTATE LAW BASICS The field of real estate law covers acts pertaining to building construction and management activities (land, buildings, usufruct). It includes acts and associated regulations, encompassing many areas: tenancy relationships (e.g. furnished, seasonal and common law leases) co-ownership (organization, rights and obligations, remedies) housing assistance (grants, subsidies) urban planning (construction permits, developments) contracts insurance The services […]

International Law — An Interesting Career Path

There is a  wide variety of job prospects in international law. Free trade agreements has been around for almost 20 years now. China is in full expansion mode. India is developing. Canada exports a large part of its production. Young people want to “see the world.” 2018 will mark the 60th anniversary of the adoption […]

Criminal law

CRIMINAL LAW BASICS Criminal law comprises the laws that proscribe conduct and establish sanctions. In Canada, most of these texts are compiled in several statutes including the Criminal Code, the Firearms Act, the Young Offenders Act, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Food and Drugs Act. CRIMINAL OFFENCES CAN BE BROKEN DOWN INTO […]

Commercial / Corporate Law

As is the case with most legal fields, commercial law (regulations, application) falls under federal and provincial jurisdiction. The main differences between provinces are related to the sources of this law. In Quebec, they stem from the French Civil Code, while the other provinces draw most of their laws from English law, differing only in […]

Banking Law Branch — An Overview

Banking law basics  Banking law is the branch of commercial law which governs banking operations and determines the rules to be observed. This legal domain refers to the set of transactions engaged in by banks per se, as well as other financial institutions. It especially involves credit operations such as revolving loans, call and term […] network