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Lawyers: How Much Are Your Services Worth?

In a recent article published in the Canadian magazine Slaw, Noel Sample, professor of law at the University of Windsor, expressed his concern at the difficulty of clients to assess the quality-price ratio of legal services. He also denounced the fact that the legal community does it “with suspect and opaque methodologies, such as track […]

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Lawyers, Do You Know Your Ethical Duties?

Although law students, who have to pass the Bar to be able to practise the profession, study the code of ethics of law from every angle, it is sometimes relegated to oblivion once in the labour market. However, penalties can be severe if the code of ethics is not respected: disciplinary complaint, suspension from the […]

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Reasons for Accepting a Pro Bono Cause

In many firms, lawyers are invited to volunteer to work on some cases. What are the reasons that can lead a lawyer to accept a pro bono cause? Strongly encouraged in the legal environment and practised by most firms, pro bono work is squarely a “moral duty”, according to lawyer Félix-Antoine Dumais-Michaud, who has practised […]

Career management

Corporate Lawyer – a Mandate Full of Challenges

Working in a company as a lawyer is often considered a dull or even tranquil career plan. However, being in a single organization includes numerous challenges as stimulating and far-reaching as those found in a law firm. Here are the challenges or a corporate lawyer. After working for a national law firm in one of […]

Career management

Opportunities in International Law

What are the job prospects in international law? There is a wide variety of types of assignment that can need to be worked on. Overview. After undergraduate studies According to Bernard Duhaime, former director of the Bachelor’s degree in International Law at UQAM, graduates “end up working for government or intergovernmental bodies, or in civil […]

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Everyday Life of the Lawyer

Reputed for being conservative, the lawyer’s work practices are increasingly being disrupted by artificial intelligence and new technologies. And it’s all for the better. Much more than just an electronic signature on documents, the tasks transformed by artificial intelligence are particularly those related to the electronic search for evidence and automating procedures for filing trademark […]


Jurists Dissatisfied with Work – Why?

A recent survey shows that within the state apparatus, two jurists out of three are dissatisfied at work and that if they could they would resign. Focus on a major issue. The survey conducted by the Association des notaires et avocats du Québec (ANEQ) in February 2018 shows a certain mood of gloom, a few […]

Pay and benefits, Rights and labour standards

Gender Pay Gap Remains in Canada

At a time when the government is announcing a bill on pay equity to reduce the gaps between the genders, what is clear is that in fact equality in this area is still far from being achieved. 35% to 44% less for women on hourly wages and bonuses 64% to 72% lower at the Royal […]

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Tips to Build your Legal Clientele

When you’re a lawyer, cases to defend don’t fall out of the sky. To practice, it’s essential to build your network. Tips to develop your legal clientele. “Being able to develop your clientele is just as important as understanding legal concepts,” Mtre Caroline Haney, from Haney Legal Recruitment, believes. “We are not always aware that […]

Company life

Successful Lawyers are more Likely to Suffer from Depression?

Recent studies reveal that highly successful lawyers are more likely to suffer from depression. Why? The higher the status of a lawyer in a large firm, the more likely he is to suffer from depression. If a lawyer is based in the United States, he is also more likely to risk suffering from a health […]

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How to Preserve your Professional Image on Social Media

Your online presence is now almost as important as your physical presence. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… How do you protect and preserve your professional image on social media? According to studies, the figure varies but it is estimated that the percentage of employers who take the time to inspect the social media presence of their candidates […]

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7 Awesome Job Search Resolutions for 2018

Whether you have been seeking a new job for several months or whether changing company is part of your good resolutions for 2018, you will have to take some initiatives to find an offer that suits you and convinces employers. Here are 7 awesome job search resolutions for 2018. 1. I will review my CV Whether […]

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