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Legaljobs.ca has interviewed specialized lawyers. You will be able to read interviews with lawyers specializing in various fields: criminal law, tax law, real estate and construction law, commercial law and business law, civil law, international law, etc. . Each of the lawyers we meet passionately delivers his vision of his profession, his motivations, shares his challenges and reviews the qualities necessary for the exercise of his profession.

Meet Pascale Pageau, Founder of Delegatus

LAW FIRM GENERALLY GOES BY THE NAME OF THEIR FOUNDERS; WHY HAVE YOU CHOSEN TO CALL YOURSELVES DELEGATUS? DELEGATUS is a Latin word meaning “delegate.” It’s appropriate because our clientele is made up of companies and law firms who delegate work and therefore their legal problems to us. DELEGATUS also evokes the quality of our services, because […]

Corporate Lawyer – Interview with Kevin Jaques

“Intervening before a situation becomes a problem” Kevin Jaques, Jaques Law Office, in Regina, Saskatchewan. WHAT WERE THE STAGES IN YOUR EVOLUTION IN THIS BUSINESS? When I started out in this field, I wanted to head my own firm. This happened earlier than I planned when I took over the business from a two-man firm […]

Interview with Michael Mines, Criminal defence lawyer

“You have to keep in mind that no situation is black or white,” Michael Mines, criminal defence lawyer, Vancouver, British Columbia WHAT ARE THE REASONS YOU CHOSE TO GO INTO CRIMINAL LAW? What I like is the human dynamic. I’m entrusted to help people with serious problems and to represent them in court. I become […]

Interview with Wagner P. Lawyer in Civil Law

”Specializing in civil law involves dealing with people above all,” Wagner P., lawyer in Kingston, Ontario WHAT HAVE BEEN THE STAGES IN YOUR CAREER PATH? During my years of study, I practiced in a variety of legal areas. I developed a real passion for civil law, especially coming up with original arguments. Specializing in civil […]

Interview with Pearl Eliadis, Lawyer in International Law

“You have to be extraordinarily tolerant,” Pearl Eliadis, lawyer (B.C.L., L.L.B., B.C.L. (Oxon.), human rights, national institutions and democratic development, Montreal, Quebec HOW DID YOU COME TO SPECIALIZE IN THIS AREA OF LAW? The path to be taken to work in the branch of one’s choosing is not always clear! I started out working for […]

Interview with Martin H, Lawyer in Labour Law

“I provide comfort when rights have been infringed upon.” COULD YOU TELL US ABOUT WHAT YOU DO? I represent people who have been fired by their employer. I help them at a critical time in their professional lives. Most of the time, people who have just received a pink slip, whether it is justified or […]

Interview with Jason M. Stephan, Tax counsel

“You have to be inclined towards life-long learning,” Jason M. Stephan, tax counsel with Warren Sinclair LLP in Red Deer, Alberta WHAT APPEALED TO YOU ABOUT TAX LAW? The Income Tax Act (Canada) is an extremely complex piece of legislation. You have to be very creative and careful in order to get conclusive results in terms […]

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