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Unplugging from work ! Time for vacation has published a list of 10 tips for forgetting all about work, to help you unplugging from work and take full advantage of your vacation In this era of smartphones, portable computers and iPads, it’s difficult to resist the temptation to check your messages at any time, wherever you are. With these wonderful, convenient new […]

Rights and labour standards

France Telecom under investigation for moral harassment

France Telecom under investigation for moral harassment. France Telecom might be under investigation for moral harassment. The complaint filed is an unusual as the events in question. Why has a company with almost 60,000 civil servants whose employment is guaranteed in a country with extremely protective social legislation had 37 suicides since the beginning of […]

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Integrate your new employer

 Well there you go, you have signed your contract and you will integrate your new employer with new responsibilities and a new team on Monday morning: meeting 8.30am. Although you have been selected from among numerous candidates and you have shown good qualities in the interview, remember that the game doesn’t end there…on the contrary.  […]

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Are you prone to procrastination?

Almost nobody can escape it. At one moment or another, whether working at the office or in our personal business, we all succumb to the temptation of putting things off until tomorrow, but how can we resist it? Right before Christmas, while surfing on the Internet looking for gift ideas, I came across an article […]

Rights and labour standards

Minimum legal age of employment in Canada

Minimum legal age of employment in Canada : Distinct regulations across provinces Saskatchewan has just implemented a legal minimum age of employment, i.e. 16 years of age. Such a provision does not exist everywhere in Canada, as applicable policies differ substantially from one province or territory to another. Here’s an overview. It is now necessary to […]

Rights and labour standards

Fired because of youtube ? Court upholds dismissal

Employee fired because of youtube ?  Wanting to show off his wrestling moves, Sylvain De Sève inadvertently allowed his boss to identify stolen equipment, and was fired. About a year later, the arbitration court of the Quebec labour department upheld the ruling. Sylvain De Sève, at the time a machine operator for Lantic Sugar and […]

Rights and labour standards

UN: Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities

UN adopts a Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities On December 13, 2006, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the first ever Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by consensus. The purpose of this convention is to “promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by […]

Rights and labour standards

Former head of personnel at Volkswagen on trial for ‘breach of trust’

The trial of Volkswagen‘s former personnel chief, Peter Hartz, began in Brunswick court on January 16, 2007. He stands accused of breach of trust and preferential treatment. Hartz is suspected of having set up a vast corruption network to buy labour peace at Volkswagen. For years, the HR department is alleged to have showered prominent labour officials at the company with […]

Rights and labour standards

Age Discrimination Act : Coming into force in Great Britain

Age Discrimination Act : Coming into force in Great Britain “Specialized store looking to hire dynamic manager with 8 years’ experience,” or “Engineering company seeking programming analyst under 30.” As of October 1, these kinds of ads are no longer legal in Great Britain, in compliance with the transposition of European Directive 2000/78/CE voted in 2000. […]

Rights and labour standards

Is there racism in Canadian recruitment ?

Racism in Canadian recruitment. Have employers demonstrated racism in recruitment? It seems so according to a study published February 22 2006 by the Canadian Labour Congress. The author, Leslie Cheung, is a third year student in public policy at Simon Fraser University. “Lower incomes, higher unemployment and precarious work status are prevalent for visible minorities […]

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