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Rights and labour standards

Overhaul of the Canada Labour Code: Towards Better Protection of Part-Time Workers

The Canada Labour Code, dating from the 1960s, needs to be modernized. This is the finding of an extensive consultation carried out by the federal government with groups of workers, unions and private sector employers subject to federal regulation. An overhaul is therefore being prepared to adapt to the new realities of the world of […]

Career management

8 Tips for a Junior Notary

Interacting with your clients, asserting your skills, dealing with the inevitable mistakes, standing out from the competition… Here are eight keys to a successful career start. A notary since 1991, Mtre Marie-France Bélisle, partner at Bélisle Lafleur Notaries, has been welcoming interns to her office for fifteen years.  Here are some tips she gives to […]

Jobs search

How to React to a Dismissal

A slowing economy, lower profits than hoped for, a collaboration that doesn’t go as expected… There are many reasons why someone might be let go, but whatever they are they don’t make the situation any easier. Find out how to react and bounce back after this fateful moment when your manager tells you that the […]


3 Years: The Ideal Duration of a Job (According to Employers)

Staying in a job for 3 years would be the ideal duration for employers, according to Indeed. For employees… six months! Results of a survey on perceptions of professional leapfrogging. In 2018, professionals are changing career often and accumulating more jobs than the baby boomers did. Adaptability, curiosity, variety and volatility: these are the values […]

Company life

Practising Law Outside Major Centres – the Benefits

Not everyone has the dream of becoming a partner of a large law firm. A career in law in a small town can suit many people. What do lawyers do who are far from major centres?   “In university, we had training on law in outlying areas and were told that it was not snowmobile […]

Career management

4 Factors to Consider Before Accepting a Position

Before accepting a position in a company that you don’t know, you should consider these 4 factors… beyond the salary offered! The conditions of the job offer When a job offer is received as a result of a hiring process, it must be consistent with your expectations and the conditions stated during the interview. If […]


Becoming a Bailiff – Guide

Are jobs in the legal field all office jobs? Not all. The bailiff is at the centre of action. Close-up on this little known profession.                                                              […]

Rights and labour standards

Under What Circumstances Can an Employer Hire a Private Detective?

If he suspects an employee of cheating on salary insurance, can an employer hire a private detective to conduct shadowing? What are the limits of the worker’s right to privacy? Some explanations. Employee fraud costs companies 5% of their revenue, according to the 2018 report from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The use of […]


The Job Search – How to Keep Your Morale Up

Between rejection and when tons of resumes act like messages in bottles, how do you keep your morale up in spite of everything? Tips from Mathieu Guénette, guidance counsellor. Revise your CV and ask for advice According to Mr. Guénette, the first thing to do is to make sure your CV is clear and relevant. […]


Lawyers: How Much Are Your Services Worth?

In a recent article published in the Canadian magazine Slaw, Noel Sample, professor of law at the University of Windsor, expressed his concern at the difficulty of clients to assess the quality-price ratio of legal services. He also denounced the fact that the legal community does it “with suspect and opaque methodologies, such as track […]

Company life

Open Area Offices for Healthy Employees

A brake on productivity, easier spread of diseases, more frequent disturbances – there are many reasons not to opt for an open area office. Now scientists have just given them a big benefit that may well make you give in to the trend, if you haven’t already done so… According to a new study published […]

Pay and benefits

Successful Salary Negotiation – Some Avenues

It is always delicate to negotiate a starting salary or a salary increase with an employee, especially when they are critical for the company. Here are some tips for successful negotiation. A CROP-CHRP survey conducted in March 2018, reveals that 41% of Quebec workers believe they are being paid less than they deserve. In the […]

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