Suffering from imposter syndrome, a strength at work

Employees who suffer from imposter syndrome could often be more effective, according to a recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) published in October 2021.  Take a look at this amazing find.

Fear of not being up to par. Self-doubt. Often exaggerated demands on themselves. No less than 70% of workers suffer from impostor syndrome at some point in their careers, according to the Journal of Behavioural Science. Even this isn’t a disadvantage. This was proved by the recent study, of a small sample of 155 American employees in an investment consulting firm, conducted at MIT by psychologist Basima Tewfik.

In fact, though staff members who lack self-confidence experience several negative consequences (hello performance anxiety), they had greater interpersonal skills, observed the researcher at the MIT School of Management. In fact, these people are seen as more collaborative and more effective from the relationship standpoint by their bosses. Why? They are more focused on others and pay increased attention to their colleagues, clients and superiors, which improves their performance.

Attention X 10

After examining the behaviour of this hundred or so financial specialists, Basima Tewfik observed the same phenomenon in a team of medical students. The diagnoses made by those who felt less competent were not only just as accurate as those of their colleagues, but these future doctors demonstrated more empathy, listened more and asked their patients better questions.

What’s more, self-doubt is not just a defect: Other studies over the years have shown that it can become a source of motivation to improve and boost one’s performance at work. Because these people don’t feel that they belong, they will often multiply their efforts ten times to make up for it.
An asset at work.

In an interview with New Scientist, Basima Tewfik goes even further. “ People with imposter syndrome are basically the ones you would want to work with ”, she points out. One more reason to team up with them.

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