The Job Search – How to Keep Your Morale Up

Between rejection and when tons of resumes act like messages in bottles, how do you keep your morale up in spite of everything? Tips from Mathieu Guénette, guidance counsellor.

  1. Revise your CV and ask for advice

According to Mr. Guénette, the first thing to do is to make sure your CV is clear and relevant. But then it’s a good idea to test the content with a close family member or acquaintance who, ideally, works in the desired field. “By approaching this person for their advice and not for a job, you will seek valuable support which – you never know – might lead to a job!”

  1. Simulate interviews

Accumulating unsuccessful interviews can greatly undermine self-confidence. Also, it’s better to practise answering with authenticity and confidence. “The answers must above all be concrete examples drawn from his own experience,” explains the specialist. “This is how to stand out from the other candidates.” After all, there are as many experiences as individuals.

  1. Be open to others

Rather than waiting for official job offers by while biting your nails in front of your computer, it is highly recommended to get out and do some networking. In addition to being effective, this technique breaks the isolation. Also, when making contact, “being interested in others and their professional needs is a golden rule,” emphasizes Mr. Guénette, “because it is the best way of learning how you can be useful to them.”

  1. Volunteering

Of course, engaging in volunteer activities related to your field of work is an excellent way of filling your time while building your network. As well, deploying your skills for a good cause helps build self-esteem and fight dark thoughts. “In addition, why not offer free samples of your expertise, by writing articles on LinkedIn, for example,” adds the guidance counsellor. “By exhibiting your strengths, you might attract the attention of a future employer.”

  1. Manage negative emotions

When morale is at its lowest, “it is first essential to manage negative emotions,” Mr. Guénette believes, “because a depressed candidate severely decreases his chances of being hired.” To regain your optimism, occupying yourself with pleasant activities or imagining yourself in pleasant situations can sometimes be enough. You can also jot down your daily successes: the email you sent, the person who called… But if the negative mood persists, don’t hesitate to call on a psychologist!

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