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Headquarters: Edmonton, Alberta
Year of creation: 2012
Business Type: Government Agency
Activity Sector: Legal Services

Alberta Justice and Solicitor General is the government organization responsible for the legal and correctional systems and law enforcement in Alberta. The organization therefore manages the bodies and agencies in charge of law, the correctional system, and the respect of the law. Its core mission is to facilitate access to the legal system for Albertans and to ensure equitable access to legal services for the entire community. For this, the organization has developed specific tools and solutions: every Albertan can be put in touch with a legal professional, by phone, on the internet, or even in person, and will be able to receive clear, simple information, and adapted to his needs.

The Department of Justice has thousands of employees in the Alberta government. Given the many entities managed by the organization and the extent of their responsibilities, the positions held within the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General are very varied: positions of legal assistants, judicial clerks, solicitors, Crown prosecutors, paralegals, etc. are available in courts  of justice and legal fields.
In terms of compliance and enforcement, the organization recruits peace officers, police officers, correctional services officers, fish and wildlife officers, transport officers, probation officers, etc. .

Seniority and experience are valued within the organization and to retain talent for as long as possible, Alberta Justice and Solicitor General offers professional and personal development programs. Alberta Justice and Solicitor General promotes work-life balance by offering flexible and flexible hours to employees.
Training is very important within the organization, which pays the learning costs to enable its employees to develop and advance their careers.

Corporate culture
In keeping with its mission and corporate policy, Alberta Justice and Solicitor General offers employment opportunities for students and graduates at all levels of experience. The organization ensures a culture of respect, integrity and accountability within its services as well as a safe and fair workplace.

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