Fired because of youtube ? Court upholds dismissal

Employee fired because of youtube ?  Wanting to show off his wrestling moves, Sylvain De Sève inadvertently allowed his boss to identify stolen equipment, and was fired. About a year later, the arbitration court of the Quebec labour department upheld the ruling.

Sylvain De Sève, at the time a machine operator for Lantic Sugar and an amateur wrestler in his spare time, one day invited his boss to view a video of him wrestling on YouTube. The only glitch was that his moves were spotlighted by a stroboscope lifted from the plant a few months earlier. The employer recognized the missing equipment and fired the employee.

Despite De Sève’s efforts to prove that it was not the same stroboscope, a year later, the court ruled in favour of his ex-employer, because the plaintiff’s dishonest conduct had radically and irremediably compromised the bond of trust.

Amateur wrestling video of Sylvain De Sève :

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