Salary – Tips on How to Talk About It With Your Boss

Does the prospect of talking about salary with your superior keep you awake at night? If you are well prepared for this conversation, there is no reason to worry about it. Here are some tips for a successful interview.

According to John Meese, director at BambooHR, you should not be afraid to talk about money with your employer. “Money is one of the most important elements of work. Your employer is clear about your job description, you should be clear about your pay and address the issue head on.”

Choose the right time

To put all the odds on your side, be strategic and find the best time to broach the subject. If you have just completed a very successful project, it might be the perfect opportunity to talk about an increase.

It is also important to choose a moment when your boss is receptive and has the time to listen to you. “Don’t try to talk subtly about your raise in another conversation,” explains John Meese. “Ask clearly for an interview with your superior to talk about your salary and state your expectations from the start.”

Have a clear objective

Don’t forget that the key to success is to be well prepared. First think about the amount you want to get. To have a better idea of the average salary of other workers who have a similar position as yours in your region, take a look at the Glassdoor or Payscale websites. This will give you both an idea of what is possible as well as a lever for negotiation.

And rather than asking for a specific amount, it is preferable to define the salary range that you are interested in. In any case, it is highly likely that your boss will make you a counteroffer and then you can find some common ground.

Prepare your case

To successfully negotiate your raise, you have to have good arguments. Be prepared to explain why your salary should be higher. Have your responsibilities changed since your last raise? Have you developed your skills or aptitudes? Also, be prepared to talk about projects you have accomplished and put forward the positive impact you have on the company.

In short, if you are still hesitating to ask for an interview with your boss, be aware that studies show that three-quarters of people who ask for a raise get one! So this should give you some courage to broach the subject!

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