A review of hirings and dismissals in Canada – May 2022

Employment stabilizes
The employment rate remained at 61.9% in April

After two consecutive months of increases, the employment rate has changed little and stabilized in Canada, according to data from Statistics Canada’s most recent Labor Force Survey.

Job gains in professional, scientific and technical services and in public administration were offset by declines in construction and retail trade, observes Statistics Canada.
Nationally, employment increased by 43,000 among core-aged women, an increase of 0.7%. In contrast, it fell by 36,000 among men in the same age group, a drop of 0.5%.

The number of Canadians working part-time, that is, who usually work less than 30 hours a week, increased by 47,000 in April.
The pandemic has fostered involuntary part-time employment, which peaked at 26.5% in August 2020, when many workers were unable to find full-time employment. This effect has now dissipated: the involuntary part-time work rate fell in April and stood at 15.7%, the lowest level on record.

Employment declines in Quebec

The number of people working in New Brunswick rose by 6,700 in April, as the unemployment rate fell. For the first time, it exceeded the level observed in February 2020, before COVID-19. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador also saw an increase in employment in April, accompanied by a drop in the unemployment rate.
In contrast, employment fell by 27,000 in Quebec after increasing in February and March. This drop is seen only in full-time jobs, mainly in construction and educational services. However, the unemployment rate changed little in Quebec, standing at 3.9% in April.

Unemployment rate still falling

Following a record low of 5.3% in March, the unemployment rate fell slightly to 5.2% in April. The unemployment rate for people aged 25 to 54 is falling and stands at 4.3%, the lowest rate recorded since comparable data began to be released in 1976.

Nevertheless, long-term unemployment is higher than before the health crisis. It stood at 20.6% of total unemployment in April 2022, compared to 15.6% in February 2020.

By Pascaline David – 37e AVENUE

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