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June 22 2022
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The Manager is responsible for supervising the administration, processing and evaluation of claims for compensation from the Compensation Fund. The Manager is responsible for ensuring the effective delivery of services in all areas in accordance with legislated requirements, tribunal & court orders, and Law Society policies and guidelines.


  • An LLB or JD plus membership in good standing with the Law Society*.
  • Expected to work independently and in conjunction with other staff as needed, to ensure that the disposition of claims comply with applicable legislation, by-laws and guidelines established by Convocation.
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience working within a regulatory body or legal environment consisting of 3 to 5 years with extensive litigation, estates or real estate experience, or equivalent.
  • Progressive career experience and an interest in leading and managing a small team.
  • Working knowledge of a broad spectrum of practice areas is required.
  • Experience in fund management and familiarity with financial reporting and analysis is an asset.
  • Thorough understanding of the Law Society’s mandate, services, legislation and policies, particularly with respect to the role of the Law Society in protecting the public.
  • Knowledge of the Law Society Act and Bylaws in general and those dealing with the Compensation Fund, and accounting requirements, in particular.
  • Superior analytical skills to reason through and develop complex spoken and written information.
  • Knowledge of various practice areas of law, including real estate, wills/estates, litigation.
  • In depth knowledge of administrative law, administrative procedures and case tracking tools to be applied to the effective monitoring and enforcement of orders and undertakings.
  • Proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet and database applications, internet and intranet.
  • Broad understanding of the application of technology, preferably in a regulatory/legal environment.
  • Expressive and persuasive in both spoken and written language for individual and/or group situations, including facilitating resolution, communicating the disposition of claims to clients, including Benchers, and managing expectations.

*By submitting your application for employment, you agree to a clearance check of your regulatory history with the Law Society, and to the use of this information in assessing suitability for employment at the Law Society.

Client / Customer Service Planning

  • In conjunction with the Director, Regulatory Services and members of the Division’s management team, ensures the development, consistent application and maintenance of policies, procedures and operating goals related to Compensation Fund programs.

  • Works closely with Finance and external actuaries and auditors to determine the required levy to maintain Compensation Fund viability.

  • Works with Compensation Fund Subcommittee and other bencher committees as appropriate to ensure that Compensation Fund functions adhere to Law Society strategic objectives and priorities.

  • On an ongoing basis, proactively identifies issues and opportunities and takes action to continuously improve work processes and develop appropriate policies and procedures.

  • Processes, policies and procedures will relate to the appropriate scrutiny, review and processing of claims for compensation by victims of licensee dishonesty.

Client / Customer Service Delivery

  • The Manager critically assesses and conducts legal analysis of claims based on the Compensation Fund guidelines and supervises the work of professional and para-professional staff involved in Compensation Fund matters.

  • Provides legal expertise and guidance to a professional team.

  • Creates and supports an environment of excellence for the delivery of services through promotion of innovation, adherence to quality standards, and effective use of resources and by instilling a sense of accountability.

  • Promotes the use and enhancement of planning and technology tools to assist in meeting departmental and divisional goals and the organizational regulatory and public mandate.

  • Continuously refines performance measures and targets to ensure maintenance of timelines and quality of work and works with other managers to coordinate activities and work progress.

  • Conducts ongoing file review and risk assessment to determine urgency and action required on claims matters.

  • Identifies issues which may affect the interests of claimants, clients and other parties.

  • Responds to inquiries from the public and the profession, as well as Senior Management and Benchers, related to Compensation Fund matters.

  • The Manager will carry a caseload and have oversight on complex high-profile matters.

  • The Manager reviews all grant recommendations and closing letters where no grant is recommended, to ensure files are handled in accordance with the Law Society Act and Guidelines established by Convocation.

People Leadership

  • Hires, trains, develops and evaluates employees accountable to the Manager in accordance with the policies of the organization and best human resources practices.
  • Manages the day-to-day operations of the department in accordance with best business practices, including monitoring of workflow, caseload and resource requirements.
  • Works with the Director, Regulatory Services and other senior Professional Regulation staff as appropriate, to address resource issues in a collegial manner.
  • Fosters a positive working and team environment by demonstrating leadership behaviour, clarifying goals, building the commitment of individuals, strengthening the team’s collective skills and encouraging creativity and problem solving.
  • Assesses departmental needs with respect to skills inventory (investigation, resolution), based on trends in caseload and predictable cycles within the regulatory and related functions, and works with other senior staff in the Division to identify and satisfy resource requirements.
  • Provides guidance, mentoring and coaching to professional and administrative staff working in the department, manages performance, and fosters a productive working environment.

Performance Goals, Targets and Standards

  • Works with team members and Director, Regulatory Services to monitor, refine and continuously improve processes, team and individual performances against established targets.
  • Promotes continuous improvement of the Compensation Fund function.
  • Establishes, verifies, implements, and continuously improves performance targets and standards within the strategic and operational goals of the Department.
  • Leads the Departments’ case management strategic planning to establish goals and objectives, initiating and implementing changes to ensure consistency, quality and efficiency of the processes.

Financial Responsibility

  • Pursuant to By-Law 12, approves and processes Compensation Fund grant recommendations within the limits for staff approval and ensures all grant recommendations, including those to be decided by the Compensation Fund Subcommittee , are made in accordance with Convocation policy and guidelines, applicable jurisprudence, past practice and the best long-term viability of the Compensation Fund.

  • Similar judgment is applied to ensure that decisions to close claims without a grant are made in accordance with the Act, the guidelines and past practice.

  • Reviews and signs all cheque requisitions and supporting documents and provides same to Finance to support grant payments.

  • Reviews reconciliation and statistical reports on claims and inquiries, and provides to Finance on a monthly basis, to allow for calculation and monitoring of the Fund balance and to determine annual levies for licensees.

  • Develops annual departmental budget and approves all invoices and expenditures related to departmental operations and Compensation Fund payments.

Policy Development

  • In conjunction with the Director, Regulatory Services and other senior staff, undertakes policy analysis and the implementation of policy initiatives.
  • Identifies issues requiring policy change or development, including review and analysis of the Guidelines for the Determination of Grants, as approved by Convocation from time to time.
  • Undertakes strategic analysis and solicits constructive feedback from staff, benchers and other stakeholders in formulating policy proposals.
  • Identifies priorities and gaps and recommends appropriate adjustments and/or changes in policy for the Director, Regulatory Services’ consideration.
  • Stimulates and guides work process improvement initiatives, and participates in the development of policy as assigned.

Relationship & Alliance Building

  • Consults and works closely with colleagues throughout the Professional Regulation, Policy and other LSO divisions in order to address policy and procedural issues.
  • Maintains ongoing professional relationships with other regulatory and financial agencies to keep abreast of developing trends and best practices.
  • Works closely with important external organizations including LawPro regarding shared claims, and with the Finance Department and external auditors and actuaries regarding financial controls on claim tracking and payouts.
  • Works with Finance and Regulatory Compliance on collections with respect to Tribunal and court orders and with Trustee Services on recoveries arising from Trusteeships.
  • Acts as expert resource, educator and advocate in promoting the Compensation Fund to Lawyer and Paralegal Licensees.
  • Also communicates departmental functions and goals to other Professional Regulation staff and managers, and to staff throughout the Law Society.
  • Delivers presentations at meetings and conferences to communicate program goals to licensees and members of the public, promoting confidence in the Law Society’s ability to fulfill its mandate to protect the public interest.

Team Membership

  • Works closely with the Director, Regulatory Services and other senior staff in the Professional Regulation division, other department staff, and representatives of other Law Society departments to ensure prompt and seamless service delivery.
  • Provides analysis and support to the Director, Regulatory Services, Committees, and others within the Law Society.
  • Manages the efficient, effective operation of the team by ensuring appropriate access to resources (tools, expertise), training and development opportunities, and facilitates team problem solving.

The Law Society has introduced a Distributed Workforce Model to leverage flexibility and agility, and to maximize employee productivity and engagement. Work arrangements will be determined by role and departmental requirements. The working arrangement for this position has been classified as hybrid, where the employee will regularly flex their work location between home and office. The specific application of this will be communicated to applicants contacted during the recruitment process.

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