Bookkeeper, Trustee Services, Regulatory Services, Professional Regulation - 13 month contract (Hybrid, Toronto)

January 13 2023
Industries Legal
Categories Administrative, Public, Regulatory, Govt.,
Toronto, ON • Full time


The Bookkeeper, Trustee Services, is responsible for the exploration and resolution of financial matters that arise from formal Trusteeships and informal arrangements with licensees. This includes: a review of licensee books and records, reconciliation of the trust accounts where feasible, drafting reports to counsel summarizing the review and reconciliation, reviewing client files, and determining entitlement to trust funds and processing the distribution of trust funds held.


  • A college diploma in accounting or bookkeeping or similar training.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ accounting or bookkeeping experience in a law office or legal environment.
  • Familiarity with law firm billing and bookkeeping software, and specifically, PC Law, is required.
  • Experience reconciling law practice accounts, maintaining client trust ledgers is required.
  • A broad exposure to various types of client matters is desirable.
  • Solid understanding of the Law Society’s rules, legislation and by-laws relating to law firm accounting.
  • Solid understanding of the Law Society’s mandate, services, legislation, and policies.
  • Previous experience in a legal environment.
  • Concise, well organized writing skills in the preparation of reports and allocation of funds.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Ability to multitask efficiently with a great attention to detail.
  • Computer literacy, including word processing software, advanced spreadsheet functions and accounting system software.
  • High proficiency in PC Law required. Experience with other law firm computer programs is desirable.

Client / Customer Service Delivery

  • Reviews licensee books and records, financial documents, and client files to reconcile trust accounts and determine proper client ledger allocations and distributions, where feasible.

  • Liaises with financial institutions to request and receive trust funds and financial documentation.

  • Liaises with trust claimants, beneficiaries, and others, as necessary.

  • Reports on activities to Counsel with carriage of the file and/or to the Senior Counsel & Team Manager as directed and administers distribution of funds held in trust to persons beneficially entitled.

  • May provide affidavit evidence and/or oral testimony or submissions related to trusteeship matters and/or other matters pertaining to the functioning of the Law Society.

  • May assist licensees, their family members, estate trustees, assisting colleagues and/or successor licensees on financial matters relating to practice windup.

  • May attend on practice recoveries to assist with the general recovery of a practice and/or with the recovery of financial documents, data, and digital devices.

  • Provides assistance and support to the Officer responsible for bookkeeping activities and maintenance of the Unclaimed Trust Fund.

Policy / Regulatory Compliance

  • Examines accounting and bookkeeping records and files maintained by licensees, identifying, and advising counsel of apparent deficiencies, discrepancies, and shortfalls.
  • Helps to facilitate the identification, recovery and cataloguing of financial records related to a licensee’s professional business.
  • Assists Counsel in the preparation of court materials, provides affidavit evidence and/or testifies as a witness, as required.
  • Assists Officer with bookkeeping activities and maintenance of the Unclaimed Trust Fund.

Performance Goals, Targets and Standards

  • Contributes to the development of standardized practices, guidelines, and procedures in the administration of Trusteeships from an accounting and bookkeeping perspective.
  • Maintains own caseload, and works with other members of the Trustee Services department, particularly Counsel and Officers, to establish, monitor and continuously improve processes and case management performance targets.

Policy Development

  • As a member of the Trustee Services team, continually assesses policies and procedures, and proactively identifies opportunities for policy development or change in areas related to trusteeships and related activities.
  • Participates in the development of policy and procedures when assigned.

Team Membership

  • Works closely with Trustee Services staff in the administration of Trusteeships informal practice wind-up matters, and the Unclaimed Trust Fund, including: responding to inquiries and requests for funds, attending at practice recoveries, and in assisting with other functions on as-needed basis.
  • Promotes the sharing and transfer of knowledge and information amongst team members.

The Law Society has introduced a Distributed Workforce Model to leverage flexibility and agility, and to maximize employee productivity and engagement. Work arrangements will be determined by role and departmental requirements. The working arrangement for this position has been classified as hybrid, where the employee will regularly flex their work location between home and office. The specific application of this will be communicated to applicants contacted during the recruitment process.

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