Sr. Investigator/Auditor - Cyber and Physical Security Reliability Standards

October 5 2020
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Oakville, ON

Sr. Investigator/Auditor – Cyber and Physical Security Reliability Standards

Location of Position: Oakville (please note a work from home policy in effect during pandemic)

Temporary Assignment: Up to 36 months

The Senior Investigator/Auditor will report to the Supervisor, Reliability Standards Investigations and Audits

General Accountabilities:

Reporting to the Supervisor-Reliability Standards Investigations and Audits, this position performs the core investigative and audit functions which serve to support the enforcement of compliance with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (“NERC”) Critical Infrastructure Protection (“CIP”) reliability standards by Ontario market participants and the IESO. Specifically, this position:

  • coordinates and implements all processes related to the function of performing reviews and approvals of Technical Feasibility Exceptions (“TFEs”) in relation to market participant and IESO compliance with the cyber security-related Critical Infrastructure Protection standards.
  • coordinates and implements all operational processes related to these investigative, audit and exception application functions, as well as the development, maintenance and adherence to an operational framework governing those processes.
  • coordinates these investigative, audit and exception processes with U.S.-based reliability enforcement entities, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”), NERC, and the Northeast Power Coordinating Council (“NPCC”).
  • supports the Supervisor- Reliability Standards Investigations and Audits in his/her role as Chair of the interprovincial Monitoring and Enforcement Sub-Group (“MESG”) of the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Working Group, established in relation to the establishment of a Canada-US Bilateral Electric Reliability Oversight Group.

    Key Responsibilities:
    Reliability Standards Compliance Monitoring
  • Participates in and, if required, coordinates staff and contractor teams in respect of mandated grid monitoring, complaint intake, whistleblower referrals and other detection methods, for the purpose of identifying possible breaches of the reliability standards.

  • Participates in and, if required, coordinates the effective monitoring or other detection methods with other business units of the IESO who are also engaged in activities which involve gathering of grid operation or participant information and/or who also make use of this monitoring for their business purposes.

Reliability Standards Compliance Investigations

  • Participates and, if required, coordinates teams, staff and contractors in the performance of investigations of possible breaches of CIP reliability standards, including information-gathering steps allowed for under the applicable legislation and/or market rules and the making of recommendations as to breaches of these standards.

  • Participates and, if required, coordinates teams, staff and contractors in the performance of information gathering and analysis which support the recommendation of sanctions for determined breaches of reliability standards, including financial penalties of as high as $1 million per occurrence, and the approval and monitoring of reliability mitigation plans.

  • In respect of these functions, participates in and, if required, coordinates:
    • the preparation and issuance of formal Notices of Alleged Breach to market participants and the IESO, as applicable, meeting all requirements of this notice obligation under the market rules
    • evidence gathering, analysis and maintenance,
    • completion of investigation reports, containing summaries of evidence, breach and sanction assessments,
    • processes affording investigation targets the opportunity to present views and representations to the VP of MACD,
    • procurement of expert opinion, where applicable,
    • identification and preparation of witnesses for potential litigation purposes,
    • acquisition and evaluation of mitigation plans in cases of ongoing or potentially recurring breaches,

  • Liaises, where applicable, with other government agencies, IESO business units and Legal Services pursuant to various MOUs and protocols.

  • Formulates findings and prepares recommendations to support VP of MACD’s consideration of enforcement rulings, determinations and orders.

  • Adheres to all market rules and administrative law principles governing such investigations of breaches of the rules to provide assurance in respect of IESO and MACD reputational and litigation risk in the event of downstream dispute and litigation of MACD enforcement rulings.

Reliability Standards Compliance Audits

Participates in and, if required, coordinates staff and contractor teams performing compliance audits of market participants in relation to CIP reliability standards in accordance with an annual Compliance Monitoring Plan to be stakeholdered and issued to those participants who are deemed accountable for compliance with these standards.

Enforcement Disputes
In coordination with MACD managers and supervisors, and IESO Legal Services, as required, executes the procedures, steps and decisions in the IESO’s dispute resolution process, as it pertains to disputes arising specifically from MACD enforcement determinations and orders related to reliability standards. This includes working with other staff and contractors to participate in good faith negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and/or appeal hearings before the Ontario Energy Board or the provincial courts, including the presentation of evidence and other information related to MACD investigations which have led to such enforcement determinations.

International Obligations and Coordination
Executes MACD’s processes in accordance with any international or regulatory obligations or understandings with these or other authorities, at a minimum including cooperation agreements with NERC, NPCC, the Ontario Energy Board (“the OEB”), the National Energy Board (“NEB”) and the MESG.

Reliability Standards Investigation Framework

Participates in and, if required, coordinates staff and contractor teams in the development of, maintenance of and adherence to a framework governing all of the above processes, including policies, handbooks, guides, procedures, processes, templates, tools and manuals.

Market Leadership

Supports the Supervisor- Reliability Standards Investigations and Audits in providing advice to the government, regulator, and/or other stakeholders on reliability-related environmental considerations, as required.

Participates in and, if required, coordinates the development and execution of plans and works with stakeholders and government to develop greater clarity and effectiveness concerning market and compliance issues, as required.


  • Ensures that the confidentiality of data from/about market participants is safeguarded;
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

    Skills Criteria:
  • A period of over 8 years of professional work experience
  • University Degree in Law, Engineering, Computer Science, Business or related degree to understand the legislation, policies, procedures, rules and standards governing the application of CIP reliability standards across North America.
  • Excellent command of the English language, in order to ensure a high quality of customer service in the area of rule enforcement and interpretation, that performance standards are clearly defined and high quality in the design/delivery of appropriate training.
  • Strong knowledge of the North American CIP reliability standards governing certain aspects of participation in the Ontario electricity marketplace.
  • Experience in investigative procedures and techniques, case management, litigation and evidence procedures and processes.
  • Experience in power system planning, operation, and the cyber and physical security of power systems.
  • Experience in developing and managing projects and detailed business processes; in strategically evolving a new business; and identifying and implementing efficiency and effectiveness improvements. This experience requires an excellent degree of analytical and reasoning skills.


Normal working conditions involving only occasional absence from home.

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