Duty Counsel - Criminal - Bail Coordinator (permanent)

November 24 2022
Industries Legal
Categories Criminal, Penal, IP, Patents, Trademarks,
London, ON

To provide criminal duty counsel and bail coordination services in London.

Criminal Duty Counsel is responsible for providing client service for criminal law matters in the courthouse, both virtually and in person. Criminal Duty Counsel will be responsible for the intake and assessment of unrepresented adult and youth clients to determine the appropriate service for those charged with criminal offences, including but not limited to providing procedural and summary legal advice; drafting and reviewing criminal court documents; in court representation at various stages of criminal court proceedings. In this role the Criminal Duty Counsel will ensure accountability and provide a consistent liaison between the duty counsel, the Crown, private counsel and other stakeholders. The Bail Coordinator role will work as part of the duty counsel team and primarily focus on addressing delays in the bail process by facilitating discussions of pre-trial release and early resolutions. Additionally, this role will ensure accountability and provide a consistent liaison between the duty counsel, the Crown, private counsel and other stakeholders. This role will work as part of the duty counsel team and primarily focus on addressing delays in the bail process by facilitating discussions of pre-trial release and early resolutions.

Home location: London, Ontario
Secondary/Tertiary locations can include: Not Applicable

LAO is in the process of developing an organization-wide hybrid workplace model, taking into consideration the range of services and roles performed throughout the organization. During this development phase, the work of this role is hybrid and structured to provide greater remote work, but some in-person presence will be required.

Reporting to: Manager, Legal Services

• Assisting unrepresented clients who have been charged with criminal matters
• Representing clients at bail hearings, guilty pleas and remands both in-person and remotely
• Assessing clients’ needs, including the early identification of vulnerable clients, to facilitate referrals to appropriate services.
• Providing in-person and remote summary legal advice to clients in or out of custody
• Assisting colleagues in preparation of bail hearings, guilty pleas and other forms of resolutions
• When appropriate, representing clients in Crown pre-trial negotiations for purposes of resolution
• Representing clients in specialty courts including Mental Health, Gladue, Domestic Violence, and Youth Courts as required
• Ensuring a high quality of legal work in a cost effective manner
• File management as per LAO requirements including use of computer technology; data input for statistics measurements in a timely manner
• Punctual attendance at court to perform daily duties
• Providing assistance with legal aid referrals and completing legal aid applications as required
• Facilitating knowledge-sharing and best practices among court locations and staff offices
• Coordinating with relevant stakeholders (Crowns or court officers depending on local practice) to ensure receipt of necessary documents for preparation of bail by duty counsel (synopses and criminal record of the accused).
• Prioritizing matters with Crown vettor in bail court to streamline the “calling of the list” by Crowns to avoid procedural delays. This will include a “triage” role to identify what matters are “ready to go” and can be called immediately.
• Effectively communicating unique client circumstances to actively negotiate with the Crown vettor to limit conditions for bail, or to argue for a particular guilty plea position; when necessary, push for a hearing on particular conditions only.
• Efficiently and effectively identifying key issues in a bail and either discussing directly with the Crown or liaising between other duty counsel and the Crown vettor when necessary to resolve them.
• Communicating crown positions to duty counsel and private counsel
• Facilitating bail reviews and bail variations and lengthy and complex bail hearings
• Engaging with both local and non-local stakeholders in ongoing conversation around bail and Advising Legal Aid on bail issues including providing statistical input.
• Perform other duties and administrative tasks as assigned and remain adaptable and flexible in a changing environment.

• Lawyer in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario
• Demonstrated experience in representing clients with complex legal issues including conducing bails hearings, guilty pleas
• Experience conducting bail reviews is an asset.
• Sound knowledge of the Criminal Code of Canada, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, criminal law procedures, rules of evidence and case law
• Practical understanding of the Rules of Professional Conduct
• Proven interpersonal, communication, presentation and negotiation skills coupled with strong advocacy skills in the Ontario Court of Justice
• Proven judgment and analytical ability to determine appropriate legal remedies
• knowledge and appreciation of impact of criminal proceedings on immigration, family and other poverty law issues; and the integrated nature of legal issues faced by LAO clients
• Proven experience in providing excellent client service to vulnerable populations such as racialized communities, First Nations, youth and those experiencing mental health or addiction challenges and/or homelessness
• Ability to work independently and unsupervised in a fast-paced environment while also demonstrating collaboration and teamwork with colleagues and other stakeholders
• Demonstrated proficiency in using computer based file management and data entry systems such as PeopleSoft, DCSW, etc as well as Microsoft Office.
• Demonstrated ability to use latest communication technologies including tablets and smartphones and ability to utilize video conferencing platforms in order to deliver services virtually.
• Ability and willingness to travel between court locations.

To apply submit a cover letter & résumé.

This position is represented by The Society of United Professionals and the employee will be governed by the provisions of the collective agreement and union dues will be deducted bi-weekly from date of hire.

First Preference will be given to current members of the Society of United Professionals.

Only those candidates selected for an interview will be notified.

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