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If you are looking for a job, whether temporary job or your career ideal, you must first take care of your CV and cover letter template to enhance the value of your skills. You can do the same with your LinkedIn profile, which is a good showcase for potential employers, provided it is neat and up to date.

Using the resources offered by Emploi-Québec

Depending on your needs, a call or visit to your local Employment Centre (CLE) can consolidate your job search process. Whether it is to get help in highlighting your skills on your CV or through job search assistance through workshops and groups, there are many resources available.

Turning to placement agencies

A staple in the search for temporary work, placement agencies fill a need – that of finding work quickly and concentrating the search in a single place. The benefits of this type of resource are undeniable. Your job search is centralized and most often successful, not to mention the benefits of a salary paid weekly by direct deposit. It’s an interesting option if you are seeking a certain flexibility or you wish to accumulate experience in a sector where you may not have any.

Diversifying your search

Many websites specialize in posting jobs, often grouped by different sectors, allowing you to concentrate on your field of expertise and main skills.

Being proactive

Some positions never show up on job sites and become open without being posted. This is why it is important to be proactive in your search, targeting companies that interest you and to get in touch with them. For a job in the retail or restaurant business, there is nothing better than walking around your neighbourhood, with a few CVs in hand, and meeting the managers of stores that inspire you.

Making use of your network

Last but not least – spread the word around you about your job search. Your friends and acquaintances all have networks different from yours, and you may be just two degrees of separation from the job of your dreams!

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